Become active

One can demonstrate for climate and environmental protection, occupy factories, ships or other things and do many other things. But to only draw the public’s attention to existing and future problems is unfortunately quite helpless. The public can only demand solutions, but cannot provide its own.

It will be the technologists and scientists who will save our world. No one else has the know-how and resources to apply it. That is why we should not blame or demonize the engineers and researchers, but only help them to research in the right direction.

It’s amazing what ideas technologists are pursuing to correct past mistakes. Or did you know that in various parts of the world there are teams working on the neutralization of nuclear waste to avoid burying this legacy? Did you know that they want to break down the harmful carbon dioxide emissions and process them into new materials?

The public should support these researchers and give them a free hand. This requires a little background knowledge, but never before has it been so easy to get information