New offshore service catamaran

“CC-ONE'” is the name of the new project from ELBE-SEA-SERVICES. The 38-metre long and 12.2-metre wide catamaran has been specially designed to fulfil the needs of the offshore wind power industry and other sectors such as fish farms or shore conservation. The vessel is designed to have unique manoeuvrability and Dynamic Positioning (DP 3) capabilities through four separate azimuthing drives.

The three planned diesel generators and an additional power system contribute to safety. The vessel is to be fitted with a 12 t crane, two smaller folding hydraulic cranes and an A-frame at the stern. The large working deck can accommodate several containers as well as an Ampelman L-Type gangway system. Connections for the supply of electricity, compressed air and pressurised water will be provided.

“CC-ONE” is to become a floating workshop for any kind of offshore work in the North and Baltic Seas. Even dry dropping in the tidal flats will be possible.

All diesel generators are designed for the environmental standard TIER III and can be exchanged for new types of power generators such as fuel cells or similar as soon as technical progress permits, because “CC-ONE” is designed to be completely modular.

ELBE-SEA-SERVICES is currently seeking partners who are willing to operate such a ship.