Offshore Service Vessel ‘CC-ONE 40’

Offshore support is an expensive business. And it will become even more expensive, because tightening environmental regulations will put most conventional offshore units out of business. Older AHTS and MPSVs in particular are now powered by diesel engines that are still unfiltered. They consume vast amounts of fuel and yet cannot do everything a wind farm needs. Their time is running out.

New fuel-efficient flexible offshore support vessels are needed. Less energy use and a wider range of options define the future.

‘CC-ONE 40’ is a project for a lightly built, extremely economical and very multifunctional vessel. Optimal Dynamic Positioning safety, a large working deck, a small regular crew, and many other features make it far superior to an old ‘iron’ of the offshore industry. ‘CC-ONE 40’ can work safely and economically in shallow water, mud flats, narrow waters – but especially in offshore wind farms. A quadruple redundant drive system and optimal equipment make it a repair and maintenance vehicle like a service van in an onshore wind farm. After all, no one would let two electricians drive up to the repair site in a 40-tonne truck.

Certainly, large offshore vessels are very imposing. But size alone is not the deciding factor, it’s the price you have to pay for it.

‚CC-ONE 40‘ – DP Offshore-Catamaran: L: 40,1 m; B: 11,9 m; Draft: 2,3 m; Deck area: 293 m2; Speed: 12-14 kn; Prop.: 4 x Azimuth;  DP: II; Crane: 12t max.; Gangway; diverse types possible